JourneyDance Chakra Series & Yoga for Positive Body Image ~ JD Newsletter 1001

”There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

chakra dance

*JOURNEYDANCE CHAKRA SERIES starting 30th January*

**YOGA FOR POSITIVE BODY IMAGE starting 2nd February**

Dear friends in the flow,

A very happy, healthy, prosperous and totally blissful New Year to you!! I hope you had an amazing festive season and a bright beginning to this new cycle, and that you are now ready to embark on this journey with your whole body and your whole heart, and make 2015 your best year yet!!

Our yoga and dance offerings are here to help you do just that!!

So, starting with JourneyDance…I am so happy to offer, for the very first time in the UK, the JourneyDance Chakra Series; a journey through the whole chakra system, with movement, ritual and energy work as our guides! This is a 3-part course that you can book as a whole or attend each class separately. In each of the three monthly classes, we will be focusing on two to three chakras at a time, and will be experimenting with different choreographies, techniques and practices to awaken and harmonise our energy centres and unleash their potential, in the spirit of conscious community. We will start with the lower chakras, the ‘earthly realm’, and will be moving towards the higher ones, the ‘heavenly realm’, exploring and integrating the feminine and masculine aspects of each energy centre along the way.

The dates of the JD Chakra Series are as follows:

1. January 30: Root & Sacral Chakras – Earth & Water
2. February 27: Navel & Heart Chakras – Fire & Air
3. March 27: Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras – Ether, Light & Consciousness

…and the start time is 7pm.

For more details about the whole JourneyDance Chakra Series and to book your place in all three classes, at a special discounted price, please click here. (or to make your payment through PayPal directly, click here)

To read more about the first class, on Friday 30th January, and to reserve your spot for this class only, at a discounted advance booking rate, please click here. (or to make your payment through PayPal directly, click here)

-As you might have noticed, JD classes have moved from Saturday afternoons to Friday evenings. This was in order for us to move to the bigger studio at Evolve and to be able to accommodate more dancing souls, with greater freedom and space to move and express ourselves in! I hope this day and time works well for you! 🙂 –

Moving on to Yoga…I’ve got a wonderful announcement to make and the warmest invite to extend to you (women only – sorry gentlemen!)!! In collaboration with Evolve, and in less than a month from now, I am offering a brand-new, 8-week course on a subject that is very near and dear to my heart -that is: Yoga for Positive Body Image, every Monday, 7.30 – 9pm, from February 2 to March 23!!

Love your Body

As many of you know, I am a psychotherapist by profession, specialising in Food and Body Image issues, and am particularly passionate about helping women heal their relationship with food and learn how to truly love and accept their bodies. In my years of both personal and professional experience, I have found that yoga, when taught in a certain way and in the appropriate environment, can be a powerful aid to this goal, and I am so excited to bring this course to you; a long-term dream finally coming true!!

Inspired by therapeutic yoga and mindfulness practices, classes will be a balanced combination of yoga poses, breathing, meditation and relaxation, with modifications for each unique body and level of experience.

This is going to be an intimate group, to ensure lots of personal attention and depth of experience. There are currently only 6 places available, so book early, if you would like to join us!!

For all the information on Yoga for Positive Body Image and to book your place, please click here.

It looks like 2015 is going to be a very special and important year on all levels, and I do hope you will be inspired to join us in one or more of the above offerings and share your beautiful self with other amazing beings in our community! I am feeling blessed and honoured to have the opportunity to guide you into an ever more loving, intimate and authentic relationship with yourself, your body, your heart, fellow heart-beings and All That Is!! 🙂

Can’t wait to move with you very-very soon!

Much Love,
Stella xx
p.s. Like our Facebook page and/or join our Meetup group, to stay connected with the latest updates about classes, workshops and events, and to receive inspiration from our yoga & dance community!

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