About Me:

Welcome to the JourneyDance London Blog!

My name is Stella and I am a certified JourneyDance guide, Yoga teacher and Somatic Movement Therapy practitioner. I’m also a qualified psychotherapist and Food & Body-Image coach, specialising in helping women heal their relationship with food and fall in love with their bodies.

I deeply believe in the healing power of movement and the body’s wisdom, and enjoy sharing and guiding embodied, spiritual practices that facilitate profound connection with body, mind and Source energy.


About JourneyDance:

JourneyDance is an exhilarating, transformational union of dance, yoga, visualisation and ritual, that will have you love your body, celebrate Life and connect with each other and with the Source.

JourneyDance is for Everyone! No previous movement or dance experience is necessary.

Come dance in Freedom and Flow…

JourneyDance moves you through deep personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with body, mind and Source energy. JourneyDance is a transformative conscious movement practice, weaving together elements from yoga, dance, shamanism, group ritual and partner work, that will have you step into your personal power and embody your heart’s inmost desires.

Using inspiring music, simple guided sequences and free dance, we move through the chakras and the elements, liberating old cellular memories and cleansing the mind-body with breath and sweat. We elevate our vibration and transform deeply…

Travel this sacred and provocative journey, feel bliss and express yourself as soul; You are the Prayer…

For more information on JourneyDance, please visit: http://journeydance.co.uk/.

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