JourneyDance Chakra Series & Yoga for Positive Body-Image ~ JD Newsletter 1002

*JOURNEYDANCE CHAKRA SERIES starting 30th January*

**YOGA FOR POSITIVE BODY IMAGE starting 2nd February**

 ”Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I will ever make is within my own body.”

~ Saraha

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well, enjoying a restful and joyful weekend!

I am deep in preparation mode and filled with excitement, as we are now just about a week away from the beginning of both of our brand-new courses, JourneyDance ~ The Chakra Series and Body Prema Yoga ~ Yoga for Positive Body-Image!

Starting with JourneyDance, this coming Friday, 30th January, is the first class of the 3-month Chakra Series. This class will be dedicated to the first two energy centres of our body, root and sacral, or muladhara and swadisthana, as they are known in Sanskrit. We will be focusing on our foundation, our ‘roots’ in both a physical and an emotional sense, by strengthening our connection to the Earth, spending time on the ground and tuning into the lower part of our bodies. We will also awaken to our sensuality, creativity and emotional depth, by embodying our fluid nature, discovering power in the flow and diving into the ocean of our emotions…

muladhara swadisthana

Be prepared to immerse from this journey fully grounded, juicy and flowing! If you would like to participate in the whole series, you still have time to book your place in all three classes, at a special discounted price, by clicking here! Or, if you would like to only join us for this Friday’s class, you can book your place in advance at a discounted price, here.

Moving on to Yoga for Positive Body-Image (women only), this 8-week course starts on Monday, 2nd February, and classes will be held every Monday, 7.30-9pm, until the 23rd of March. This is a course specifically designed for women who want to cultivate greater self-and-body-love through the practice of yoga, in a non-judgmental, all-inclusive environment. There is currently limited capacity for this course, so go ahead and book your place now, if you plan on joining us! (You will be taken to Evolve’s website to make your booking, click on ‘book online’ at the bottom of that page)

In my years as both a student and a teacher of yoga, I have realised and experienced first-hand how certain elements of yoga, as practiced and taught in the West, can aggravate body-image issues, and have also had the opportunity to be exposed to teachings and ways of practising that truly facilitate unconditional self-and-body love. The elements and circumstances that underlie both these very different experiences are being discussed in my latest blog post, Love your Body with Yoga ~ Yoga for Positive Body Image, which I would love for you to read and let me know what you think in the comments!

Body Prema Yoga

The themes, tools and practices that are outlined in the blog are precisely these, which we will be exploring and experimenting with in the course, so I hope it inspires you to join us and experience this profound journey for yourself!

I am really looking forward to welcoming many of you to any or all of our upcoming events and sharing with you these practices of deep embodiment and profound self-love!

Till next week…

Much love and lots of blessings,
Stella xx

p.s. Like our Facebook page and/or join our Meetup group, to stay connected with the latest updates about classes, workshops and events, and to receive inspiration from our yoga & dance community!

And please feel free to spread the word and forward this message to anyone you feel might be interested!!

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