The Dance of Manifestation ~ Dancing your way to your Dreams through the Chakras

‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.’

~ Henry David Thoreau

manifestation chakras

Goal-Setting and Goal-Fulfilment 

As this year slowly -or rather quite quickly- draws to a close and the New Year is right around the corner, we are entering this period of transition, coming up to a closure of one symbolic cycle and awakening to the next chapter of our lives.

The holiday season tends to be quite busy these days; lots of responsibilities, projects to complete, housework to take care of, preparation for family gatherings or for travelling…Alongside all of these though, there is also the more internal process of reflecting on the year that has gone by and on the life experiences that it has brought us, realising what has worked well and what hasn’t, acknowledging our achievements and progress, as well as our set-backs and impediments, and of course…setting our goals for the new year to come!

This is the time of the year, when we make our commitment to ourselves to implement certain changes in our lives, work to fulfil certain wishes and set our intentions for the new cycle, with all the forward-moving energy and enthusiasm that new beginnings grant us –yes, talking about the well-known topic of New Year resolutions!

Have you ever had the experience though of coming up with amazing ideas and inspiration, making wonderful plans in your mind, maybe journaling on them, sharing with friends and really dedicating yourself to them, but then having difficulty following them through to completion, bringing your dreams to life, putting ‘flesh’ on them? I certainly have been there myself.

As the initial excitement fades away, when we go back to our daily routine and ‘real-life’ obligations, it becomes hard to maintain the motivation and engagement that we started with. (just think of the common example of hopeful gym registrations that remain unused throughout the rest of the year…)

Most of us do not know how to make our dreams come true, on a practical level. We know quite a lot about writing our goals down and thinking about how it will be, when we have achieved them, but what about the steps that we need to take to reach them? And the most important question of all: how do we keep the whole process alive, meaningful, soulful and relevant, instead of just mechanically ‘doing what we have to do’ to get where we want to go?

Just like Henry David Thoreau says in the quote above, there is no need for our ideas, dreams and ‘castles in the air’ to be abandoned or wasted. The only thing that needs to be added is the foundation; the building blocks, the stepping stones that will take us from air to earth, from thought to materialization, from the place of infinite possibility to that of finite creation…

The Chakra System as a Path to Manifestation

To take this reverse journey from top to bottom, the most comprehensive and powerful system that I have personally encountered so far is that of the Chakras. The Chakras, the energy centres of the human body, located along the spine, give us a detailed map of the different steps we need to take, in order to climb the chakra ladder downwards, from the heights of our Spirit, where our ideas and dreams originate from, to the reality of the earthly realm, where they find fulfilment. Each chakra is associated with one of the main elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether, space) and governs a certain area of human experience.

Anodea Judith, in her book ‘Creating on Purpose’, talks about the two currents that one can experience, in terms of the chakras: the upward current or current of liberation and the downward current or current of manifestation. The upward current describes the process of moving from the lower to the higher planes of consciousness, from earth to space or light, and is the one that is most well-known, most written about and advocated in the world of spirituality, as it leads to the ultimate purpose of yoga and all spiritual practices: union with the Divine, or Self-realization.

In terms of the downward current, Anodea says: Less understood is the downward path, which the ancient masters called bhukti (meaning ‘enjoyment’). In this path, the flow of creation begins in the vast place of pure awareness. It enters our individual consciousness as a thought or idea. The chakras act as condensers, giving thoughts shape and form, moving them into words and then into actions, until they are dense enough to manifest on the material plane. We call this energetic path the current of manifestation. It is by this path that we enjoy the play of life, the myriad ways the Divine can manifest into the world.

One of the reasons that the chakra system is so effective and powerful in terms of manifesting our dreams and desires is that it involves the body –the physical, emotional and energy body; ideas are not just explored in our minds, we don’t simply stay in our heads with them -on the contrary, we take them step-by-step down into the rest of our physical and energetic being, and engage the power and essence of each of the different chakras, in order to bring them to life.

The Downward Current

The downward current starts at the crown chakra, where we receive inspiration through our Source, Higher Self or Spirit. We open up and allow ideas to flow spontaneously through our imagination –our connection to the Self. In the crown chakra, we receive.

In the eyebrow centre, we immerse in visualisation; we see our dreams coming true, with as much detail as possible, and infuse them with light, blessings and energy. In the third eye, we envision.

In our throat chakra, we communicate our vision and share our intentions, through conscious self-expression and the power of our -literal and symbolic- voice. In the throat chakra, we express.

In our heart centre, we engage the greatest power of all – love- and bathe our dream in the energetic field of our sacred centre, as we connect with others, with respect and compassion. In the heart chakra, we expand and relate.

In our navel centre, we engage our personal fire, our will-power, the energy that will sustain us in our journey, and embody our inner warrior/warrioress with passion and focused determination. In the navel chakra, we will and act.

The sacral centre connects us with the juice in our dreams, the pleasure, the ‘taste’, the fluidity and yumminess that makes them feel good and desirable. In the sacral chakra, we feel, flow and enjoy.

Lastly, the earth centre is where everything becomes concrete, tangible, real. Our vision gets grounded, our seed gets planted. We arrive. In the root chakra, we complete.

Gratitude. Having completed our whole journey, we express gratitude and celebrate! Here, we have.

The Dance of Manifestation

In our December JourneyDance, The Dance of Manifestation, we will be travelling this downward current through the chakras and will be immersing in our dreams and desires, through movement, ritual and community.

Through the JourneyDance flow and ritual choreographies, we will dive in the whole body experience of our dreams, by engaging all our senses, and moving in, with and as our desire. We will fully embody our vision, in the here and now, break through any obstacles, shake up stuck energy and blocks, and will ‘taste’ and ‘drink’ our fulfilled dream, before we offer it to the earth for nourishment, support and fruition.

We will finish in deep gratitude for our journey so far, and for what is to come and is already coming to us…

Do you have a dream (or more) you really want to bring into reality? Or are you maybe already in the process of realising your heart’s desires?

Wherever you are in your manifestation journey, join us next Saturday, 6th December, at 12.30pm, at Evolve Wellness Centre, to clarify, embody, dance, share and celebrate your unique vision, while being supported, blessed and cheered on, in the spirit of conscious community!

There are currently only 4 spots remaining, so if you are thinking of coming along, please book your space in advance, either through Meetup/PayPal (, by joining our Meetup group, RSVPing to the event and pressing on ‘PAY ONLINE NOW’, to make your payment through PayPal, or directly via PayPal, by clicking here.

Wishing you all the best in your journey to manifesting your dreams and can’t wait to dance with you next Saturday!


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